postponed to 2021

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In 2019 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Pink Floyd's album "The Wall”, paying tribute to this masterpiece with our new project. In November and December we performed some gigs in Rome, Milan and Ferrara to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall - 30 years later, a pivotal event in world history. 


In 2020 we would love to celebrate together the official release of the new album “The Wall - The Cineconcert”, just 30 years after the historic gig “The Wall-Live in Berlin” in Postdamer Platz. 


It will be a special gathering with all of you, dear friends! 


As two years ago, we will be hosted by Hotel Rudy in Cervia. For a change, we are so thrilled to present to you a new and amazing venue for the gigs: we will play at the ‘Walter Chiari’ Theatre, a remarkable historical and artistic example of minor architecture in the nineteenth century!


The ‘Walter Chiari’ Theatre was built in the early eighteenth century; in 1858 the City Council decided to enlarge the theatre: the best architects, sculptors and painters of the time were commissioned to expand, remodel and embellish the theatre. 


The ‘hidden gem’ of the Theatre is the so-called ‘Velario’, the hand-painted stage curtain: on it, the God of music, poetry and arts, Apollo himself, comes to Cervia to pay homenage to the city, together with the Nine Muses of the greek mythology. 


As musicians and artists, we are so proud and grateful to have the chance of performing on such an historic and prestigious stage! 


As many of you may already know we have a special bond with the city of Cervia: Cervia has been the usual stage for the annual convention of The Web Italy. Over the past years, we have been playing all our albums as a special preview during the TWI convention. Many valuable collaborations arose from those meetings. Furthermore, we celebrated our 20° birthday in Cervia! 


So, please, join us in 2020 for a weekend of music and friendship in this amazing location on the Adriatic seaside: 9 kilometers of beach, a pinewood, a lot of history, tasty food, and lovely people.​

⇛ Friday 8th, Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th of May, 2020 - Cervia, Italy ⇚ 


Essential INFO for the weekend

Shows on Friday and Saturday night 

DAY ONE - Friday 

Welcome Party: official release of  the new album 'THE WALL -  the Cineconcert '.


DAY TWO - Saturday

Surprise Night: we will play one of our previous album in its entirety. 


⇛ The Venue: Teatro 'Walter Chiari' - via XX Settembre, 125 - Cervia (Italy).


⇛ The event ticket includes accommodation at the Hotel Rudy Cervia! 
















Adults in double room: € 130,00 per person.

Adults in triple and quadruple room: € 120,00 per person.

Children under 12 years old, in the same room with 2 adults: € 100,00 per person.


The price includes: 


  • Hotel accommodation for 2 nights (May 8th and 9th, 2020), in B&B;

  • Continental Breakfast available until 12 pm;

  • Tickets for both RanestRane’s gigs at the Teatro Comunale Walter Chiari in Cervia on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 May 2020.


The price does NOT include:


  • Any meals or refreshments; 

  • Bar service; 

  • The Tourist Tax, per person per day.


To reserve your room and for more inquiries about accommodation (extending your stay, adding lunch/dinner etc.), please contact directly Hotel Rudy writing to info@hotelrudy.it 

Buy your ticket and reserve your accommodation now!


Please, note that the Hotel Rudy will manage the payment for the event and the cost will cover both Friday&Saturday gigs and accommodation in B&B, according to rooms availability. Please, book quickly to avoid disappointment!

Hotel Rudy only has double/twins, triple and quadruple rooms available: you could be requested to share the room, to let more people join the weekend. In case you agree to share, you will pay accordingly. If sharing is not an option for you, you will have to pay the price for the entire occupancy of the room and some people could not be able to take part in this enjoyable experience. In case of no availability, Hotel Rudy will provide accommodation in other hotels nearby, under the same conditions. So, to live a real "RanestRane Experience", please consider sharing! :) 

SINGLE TICKETS FOR 1 NIGHT ONLY or 2-NIGHT-TICKETS (without accommodation) will be available from February 15th onwards, on a first-come-first-served basis, according to the capacity of the venue. If you want to be informed in advance, please join the mailing list, writing to ranestrane@gmail.com.