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Cineconcerti: watching the music
RanestRane - Nosferatu Il Vampiro - cineconcerto - rock opera
RanestRane - Shining - cineconcerto - rock opera
RanestRane - A Space Odyssey - Monolith - cineconcerto - rock opera

What "Cineconcerto" means?

RanestRane compose and perform original lyrics and music, blending them with short excerpts from a movie, projected in the background. What’s new in RanestRane’s project? It is neither a merely live sonorization, nor a simple projection with a sync sound. The original score is almost entirely replaced by the new soundtrack. 


RanestRane’s concepts albums are conceived as real Rock Operas in which original lyrics and music are intertwined with fragments of art film dialogues, that turn into sounds among other sounds. 


In the film industry, the music is often incidental, just a background score intended to add atmosphere to an action. RanestRane re-elaborate the art film to explore new viewpoints through the music. In their concept albums, the music is composed to support the film’s narrative, in order to lead audience to think that the movie has been written to accompany the music and not viceversa. 


RanestRane’s project aims to create a new approach to the way spectators experience the film screening: hearing the movie while perceiving a sound with the eyes. 

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