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Would you like to spend a weekend in Italy, nearby the sea, listening to the ENTIRE "A Space Odyssey" plus some other RanestRane's stuff? That's your lucky day! 


We are pleased to finally announce our first RanestRane Weekend that will take place in May 2018!

2018 will be a very special year for us!

Firstly, we will release Starchild the last part of our "A Space Odyssey". 

Secondly, 2018 will be our 
20th anniversary!

Perhaps some of you have known RanestRane recently, but we have been around for 20 years!

We need to celebrate that, don’t we?

Our first thought was to organize a weekend to celebrate all together in Rome, our hometown. After a while, we came to the conclusion that the best venue for our "birthday party" was not in Rome, but in Cervia, a very nice town on the Adriatic sea.


Why Cervia?


Many of you perhaps know Cervia yet because it is the usual stage for the annual convention of The Web Italy. Over the past years,  we have been playing all our albums as a special preview during the TWI convention. Many valuable collaborations arose from those meetings! 


Furthermore, we really want to give you an enjoyable time, a weekend dedicated to music and friends, with no stress! We chose Cervia to make your journey easier and your stay more comfortable:  9 kilometers of beach, a pinewood, tasty food, and lovely people. What else? RanestRane, of course! 


Friends, save the date and come to celebrate with us!


⇛ Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th of May, 2018 - Cervia, Italy ⇚ 


Essential INFO for the weekend

Shows on Friday and Saturday night 

DAY ONE - Friday 

We will play Nosferatu  AND Shining.


DAY TWO - Saturday

We will play A Space Odyssey in its entirety: Monolith plus HAL plus Starchild.


⇛ The Venue: Cinema Teatro Sarti - via XX Settembre, 98 - Cervia (Italy).
















⇛ The event ticket includes accommodation at the Hotel Rudy Cervia! 
















Buy your ticket and reserve your accommodation now!










Please contact RanestRane Management to buy one of this option, by writing to


Please, note that the Hotel Rudy will manage the payment for the event and the cost will cover both Friday&Saturday gigs and accommodation in B&B, according to rooms availability. 

Please, book quickly to avoid disappointment!


Hotel Rudy only has double/twins, triple and quadruple rooms available: you could be requested to share the room, to let more people join the weekend.

In case you agree to share, you will pay accordingly.

If sharing is not an option for you, you will have to pay the price for the entire occupancy of the room

and some people could not be able to take part in this enjoyable experience. 

In case of no availability, Hotel Rudy will provide accommodation in other hotels nearby,

under the same conditions. So, to live a real "RanestRane Experience", please consider sharing :) 


You will find booking terms and conditions and all prices available on the Hotel Rudy's website,

by clicking the "YES, I WANT TO BE THERE" button. 


More info about Cervia and the venue will follow!

Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries, please contact



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